Horror Week Begins!

Hey there! I’ve popped my head out of the academic dungeon I’ve confined myself to for the past month to announce the beginning of – Horror Week at Innis College!

You heard correctly. Tonight at 8pm it all begins with a sneak preview of Evil Dead! Presented alongside CINSSU, my pal Zubin and I are helping putting what will be an awesome event. Director Fede Alvarez WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! Post-screening there will be a nice discussion panel that includes Chris Alexander from Fangoria magazine, as well as UofT’s own Professor Kass Banning! A Q&A will follow, so fans can be sure to get their word in and ask the director whatever the hell you want.

Tickets for the event are free, but the advanced tickets have already disappeared in the greedy hands of hardcore fans! Don’t let that dissuade you from trying though, as long as you’re early (I’d recommend coming for 7pm), you can get in the rush line to ensure a seat.


In theme with the week, and the event I’m probably the most excited for is INDIE HORROR NIGHT on Thursday! This event has been in the works for awhile, as my horror-parter-in-crime Zubin and I will be presenting two incredible works you can come check out. Firstly, from the twisted minds of Canada’s own Astron-6 comes Bio-Cop! Aptly described as “an epic emulation of 80s-era cop movie trailers, BIO-COP meticulously recreates the experience of watching VHS-era cheese with full-tilt gonzo gusto.”

The feature length that follows is Aaron Moorehead + Justin Benson’s TAD-award winning Resolution! I can’t say much about the film without saying too much, but it won best screenplay at this past year’s Toronto After Dark Film Fest. The Astron-6 guys will be in attendance to introduce their film, and Aaron and Justin have a special introduction planned as well. $5 is a small price to pay to see these awesome independent works with a truly horror-centric crowd.

displaypic (1)

Come for one, or better yet, BOTH screenings and ensure that this slushy/grey time of year gets brightened up with a bit of blood!

See you there…

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2 comments on “Horror Week Begins!

  1. Ah, so jealous about Evil Dead, I’m dying to see it! Very interested to read your thoughts about that movie.

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